History of the Kittyhawk

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AltaraAltara Elementary School opened in September of 1980. Getting the new school up and running and getting the PTA together was very exciting. Mr. Bill Nelson was the new Principal and Zanette Nordhoff was the PTA President. As a PTA, one of our first tasks was to find a logo for the school. We gave each child the opportunity to sumbit a drawing and a name they would like for their mascott. We chose 5 entries, including some that myself and other adults had submitted.

Entries included Altara Rams, Altara Bobcats, the Bears, etc. Since Alta High is just a few blocks east of Altara, we thought it would be fun to have the "Altara Kittyhawks" as our mascott. I submitted a rough draft of a kittyhawk which the school voted for as their favorite, hence the Kittyhawk was born. The first school t-shirt had the kittyhawk logo on it and was sold as the first fundraiser for the school's PTA. After three-plus decades, the kittyhawk is still part of the school and school spirit is as lively as ever.

Zanette Nordhoff, PTA President 1980-1983