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We Are Open During Construction...

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Parents or anyone needing to come in during construction - we are open for business. Please just follow the west sidewalk and then come into the front side of the building. We would love to help you!

Welcome Back 2018

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Welcome Back!!!

School starts on Wednesday, August 22 for Grades 1-5.  The first bell is at 8:25 am.  

We will be doing a red-carpet welcome at 8:30 am if parents want to cheer on their students.

School starts on Monday, August 27 at 8:25 am for morning and supplemental kindergarten. It begins at 12:20 pm for afternoon kindergarten.  

We will do a red-carpet welcome for both morning and afternoon students.

Back to School night will be at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, August 28th.

We can’t wait to welcome back all of our Altara Kittyhawks!!!

Family Picnic Information

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1st Annual Celebration Picnic

Dear Altara Families,

If you are planning on attending our school picnic tomorrow, please read the following information. 

Lunch will begin at 12:20, so you may want to arrive a little early especially if you are picking up lunch from the cafeteria. 

Please come through the main doors and then go to the cafeteria to pick up your lunch.  Once you pick up your lunch, or if you have brought your own lunch, please go to your YOUNGEST child’s classroom.  You can join your older children outside.  You may want to plan ahead of time where to meet them.   If you do not know your youngest child’s teacher or other family members are coming, we will have grade level cones in the back of the school.  You may go directly there to meet them.

Since school ends at 1:25 on Fridays, you may want to check out your child after lunch.  If you want to check out your child, please sign your children out on the sign out sheet in your child’s classroom.  Please sign out all the children whom you wish to check out.  If you have signed out your children, you may leave with them directly from the picnic.  Please sign out your children only. Only guardians can check out their children.

Please feel free to bring a blanket or camping chairs.  We will have some Frisbees, balls, and games.  Please feel free to play with your students.  We are excited to welcome family members for this last Friday of the year!

IMPORTANT:  If you are missing any coats, jackets, or gloves, we have hundreds on a table in the main hall.  Please feel free to go through them on your way to lunch and take home these lost items.

Thank you,

Nicole Svee Magann


Altara Elementary