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Upcoming Activities and Holidays

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We will be having a “Make a Wish” kick-off assembly at 9:00 am on on Tuesday, December 6.  Our Orchestra will be performing at 9:00 am on Thursday, December 15.  In addition, the first grade will be doing their annual Winter Program at 8:45 am on Wednesday, December 21st.

Upcoming Spirit Day

Every month, the Student Council hosts a spirit day.  This month our Spirit Day will be December 21st and the theme is “Wear an Ugly Sweater or Scarf.”  The class with the most participation gets to keep the Spirit Banner for the month.

Winter Break

Just a reminder that Winter Break goes from Thursday, December 22 through Monday, January 2.  School will resume again on Tuesday, January 3.  The building will be closed during this time.

Red Ribbon Week

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MONDAY - "Mustache" you to say no to drugs!" (Students may come to school with a mustache)

TUESDAY - "Drugs are crazy, Just say no to drugs!" (Students may come to school with crazy hair)

WEDNESDAY - "Be Smart, Don't start!" ( Students may come to school dressed like a hero)

THURSDAY - "Follow your dreams, say no to drugs." (Students may come to school in pajamas)

FRIDAY - "Don't let drugs wreck your health." (Students are encouraged to walk to school, and may dress in exercise/workout clothes. A special "healthy" activity is planned during lunch recess.

Fall Break Reminder

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This next school week is a three day week. There will be no school on Thursday or Friday. Wednesday is a regular school day and will end at 3:05 pm.

If you haven't joined the PTA, please consider doing so. Besides discounts to local businesses, your funds support our school projects and our students.

Our first BoxTops collection is due on October 24th. Last year, we raised over $3,000 dollars with BoxTops. It is an easy and quick way to support our school.

Shelter in Place Information

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As most of you are well aware, Altara Elementary experienced a Shelter in Place this morning. There was a domestic dispute within a mile of our school involving an armed suspect. It was handled by the police, and the incident has been take care of.  Our students were kept safe, and Sandy City sent some officers to our school to reinforce our safety precautions.  

When there is potential risk to our students and staff, we will go into a "Shelter in Place." During a Shelter in Place, teaching and classes go on as normal. However, we lock all windows and doors. In many cases, we will cover the windows as well. A "Shelter in Place" means that something is occurring outside of the school and our students are safer "sheltered" inside the school. We do not release students outside for recess or for any other reason during a shelter in place. The district will send out a skylert notifying parents when we are asked to do a shelter in place. They will also notify parents when the shelter in place has been lifted. As the principal, I will release a more detailed message after the situation has been handled. We appreciate your patience and understanding.