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February 18, 2022 – Minutes

Members In Attendance:

Nicole Svee Magann

Michelle Erb, Vice-Chair Joyce Park (Teacher)

Hollie Parry, Chair

Rochelle Grin, Secretary Ryan Romero
Kimberly Tillotson


1. Check-In
2. Approve January’s Meeting Minutes

Members Absent:

Mindi Nielsen

Non-members In Attendance:

Stephanie Glover, Instructional Coach

Altara SCC Meeting Minutes February 18, 2022

Motion to approve: Michelle Erb Seconded: Joyce Park
Unanimously approved by members present at the January meeting

3. PTA Check-In

  • ●  Spirit Night at Teriyaki Grill on February 24
  • ●  PTA is looking for people to be on the board for next year

    4. Principal News

  • ●  Just finished mid-year benchmark testing
  • ●  We’ve submitted, and had accepted, safe walking routes
  • ●  First assembly of the year was held a couple of weeks ago, we have

    another assembly coming up next week

  • ●  We will be hiring a 4th grade DLI teacher; this is the only hire

    anticipated for next year

  • ●  Supplemental Kindergarten for next year is now full with a waiting


  • ●  Parent Teacher conferences will be virtual and in-person,

    happening March 2nd-3rd. Comp day is March 4th.

● DLI Conference for teachers and principal March 4th-5th.

  1. Budgets
    • ●  Most schools have extra money because they haven’t been able to

      hire the people they’ve planned for. For our school, we weren’t able to hire one position that had been planned for. However, we have been able to:

      • ○  Hire a DLI aide
      • ○  Increase schedules of interventionists by 4 hours each per


      • ○  Time-sheet extra hours our social worker is putting in
      • ○  Fully sta interventionists
      • ○  Hire another kindergarten person
    • ●  Our other budget areas are on track for this time of year
  2. Teacher of the Year
    • ●  Be aware that nominations have been submitted and teacher of

      the year will be announced next meeting.

    • ●  Principal Svee Magann tries to balance grade levels across the


  3. Final Report
    • ●  2020/2021 school year final report is traditionally due in October,

      but for 2020/21 it is due next week.

    • ●  When looking at data, be aware:
      • ○  RISE data is missing because of closing down for COVID
      • ○  Benchmark testing and RISE data is also unreliable because

        last year in Canyons district, students could be homeschooled, do school online, or do school in-person, which was changeable trimester to trimester, thus it’s not an accurate measure of what’s happening at the school

        > Our kindergarten data actually looked quite good, considering that a large percentage only joined in-person schooling during the 3rd trimester last year

  4. Mid-YearTesting
    Growth is measured through Winter Acadience Testing. Compared to Fall Acadience test results, the following growth was achieved:

● Composite Scores for Reading

  • ○  Kindergarten: 57% → 68% proficient
  • ○  First: 59% → 63% proficient
  • ○  Second: 77% → 80% proficient
  • ○  Third: 73% → 77% proficient
  • ○  Fourth: 50% → 54% proficient (Fourth grade measures only students who were unsuccessful on Fall inventory)
  • ○  Fifth: 35% → 38% proficient (Fifth grade measures only students who were unsuccessful on Fall inventory)
  • ●  Composite Scores for Math:
    • ○  Kindergarten: 57% → 53% proficient (The measure that will be

      looked at for TSSP is Beginning Quantity Discrimination.

      This BQD measure was at 60% in the Fall and is now at 81%)

    • ○  First: 51% → 63% proficient
    • ○  Second: 59% → 76% proficient
    • ○  Third: 61% → 74% proficient
    • ○  Fourth: 68% → 78% proficient
    • ○  Fifth: 71% → 78% proficient
  • ●  Are we on track for meeting our TSSP goals?
    • ○  Reading (measured in Kindergarten with First Sound Fluency

      & Correct Letter Sounds, in grades 1-3 with Pathways of Progress, in grades 4-5 with Reading Inventory measure

      > Kindergarten: 10% proficiency to go (over halfway there)

      > 1st, 2nd, 3rd: Goal met early

      > 4th and 5th: 5% to go

    • ○  Math (measured in Kindergarten with BQD and in grades 1-5

      with MCOMP)
      > Kindergarten: Goal met early > First: 11% to go
      > Second: 4% to go
      > Third: 6% to go
      > Fourth: 1% to go
      > Fifth: 2% to go

  • ●  These are mid-year assessments, so we can feel good about where the growth is going in looking towards our Spring assessments.

9. TSSA Plan (Beginning Discussion)

  • ●  Next meeting, Principal Svee Magann will have a draft of proposed

    expenditures, and this will be a time where she will seek the input

    of the SCC.

  • ●  We will look at:
    • ○  Where have we spent money?
    • ○  Is that a good place to spend money again?
  • ●  Traditionally, we have staed intervention aides with Landtrust

    money. Intervention aides do:

    • >  95% Tier II pull outs in ELA
    • >  One pull out group per grade level for math intervention or dierentiation
  • ●  The other place we have historically spent Landtrust money is in hiring our social worker up to full time and supplementing with behavior assistants and kindergarten aides.
  • ●  We may want to look at using some funding on our incoming new reading program with books that supplement
  • ●  Building in flexibility in the event of additional funds is helpful. Last year, we said that in such an event we would spend the money on substitute teachers for collaboration, technology to use for intervention assessment, additional aides to help impacted classrooms, faculty resources and textbooks/materials, and stipends to run programs. This has served us well this year.
  • ●  How we’re spending the money to meet our goals is what our job is as an SCC.

    10. Meeting Adjourned

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