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Safe Walking Routes

Here are some rules related to school crosswalks:

1) A driver must stop at a school crosswalk if the crossing guard and/or child is still in the crosswalk. A driver must wait until the crossing guard’s and/or child’s feet hit the curb and the crosswalk is clear of any person. There have been issues as crossing guards are setting up and putting cones in the street, cars drive by them while they are still in the street. The driver can get a ticket for this.

The Traffic Law states, “The operator of a vehicle approaching a school crosswalk shall come to a complete stop at a school crosswalk if the crosswalk is occupied by ANY person.” (Sandy Traffic Code 165).

2) If an intersection with a traffic light is also a school crosswalk, the intersection is first and foremost a school crosswalk. This means the operator of a vehicle will stay at a complete stop until every person in the crosswalk has stepped onto the curb and out of the street, even though the traffic light may have turned green.

3) There have been several incidents of drivers speeding through 20 mph school speed zones. When school speed limit signs are flashing, your speed should be 20 mph. Proceed slowly with caution and be prepared to stop. Parents, teach your teenage drivers to drive cautiously at school cross walks.

4) A big distraction of drivers not paying attention as they approach school crosswalks is “cell phones.” Many drivers are talking on their cell phones and not paying attention to children, crossing guards, or what is going on around a crosswalk. Children’s lives are at risk. Please be attentive and put your cell phone away while driving in school zones. Children are unpredictable and you need to be focused on the school and crosswalk.

5) Parents, please do not stop in the middle of the road in front of a school crosswalk and let your child(ren) out of the car. You must drive to a designated drop off area or pull off to a safe area. Children learn from their parents. Please be a good and safe role model.

6) Any person using a school crosswalk, whether it is school children or adults, controlled by a school crossing guard, must obey the rules of the crossing guard. Any person using a school crosswalk, adult or child, should wait for the signal of the crossing guard that it is safe before they step off the curb into the street to cross. It is a rule that children must “walk” their bikes or scooters across the crosswalk. Parents should support the crossing guards and teach their children to obey the crossing guard. The crossing guard and these rules are there for the safety of your children.

Below is a map of Altara’s Safe Walking Routes.

Altara is a designated walking school. For the safety and well-being of students; families and students are to adhere to the following green routes:

The safe walking routes are marked by two-directional arrows on the map. Parents will need to determine the safest path from their home to the safe walking routes. Once on the safe walking routes, students should stay on the sidewalks, use crosswalks, and listen to the crossing guards. Students west of 700 East should proceed to the intersection of 11000 South and 700 East. They should cross 11000 South on the west side of the street. They should cross 700 East on the south side of the intersection. Two crossing guards will help students across this intersection. Students who need to cross 11000 South in front of the school can do so using the crosswalk near the canal. A crossing guard and a 20 mph school zone is provided at this crossing. For students who live directly south of the school, there is a catwalk that enters the playground on the southwest corner of the school’s property. The entrance is just off Dusty Creek Circle.

Don't forget to say hi and thank our amazing crossing guards!

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