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We are now a Spanish Dual Language Immersion School!

Dual Immersion is a means of acquiring a world language through content matter instruction. Students receive math, science, and/or social studies instruction in a target language, such as Spanish, French, or Chinese. Students learn the concepts and skills for the subject area and develop the ability to read, write, speak, and listen to another language. Subject area instruction through the target world language occurs for at least 50% of the school day during the elementary school years.
Teachers are fully proficient in the language they use for instruction. Clear and sustained separation of languages is maintained during instructional time.

For more information about Dual Language Immersion please visit http://utahdli.or

If you are interested in enrolling your first grader in Dual Language Immersion at Altara Elementary, you may enter the lottery during the fall of your student’s kindergarten year to be considered.

**Being the first year we are implementing Dual Language, students in both first and second grade will be considered for the program. You may enter the lottery during March and you will be notified if your child has been selected.

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