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March 23, 2018 – Minutes

In Attendance:  Nicole Magann, Jayne Eckholdt, Alisha Harrison, Jody Hadfield, Ruthanne Sobieski, Lisa Buchmiller, Joani Richardson

Not Present:  Bill Kenley


  1. Budget Review

             Same info as usual.  Most of budget still going to intervention.  Also used for half day subs so teachers could head to a training.


  1. Data Review

            Discussed while going over item #3


  1. Land Trust/ CSIP Discussion/ Vote

            Land Trust summarizes a lot of CSIP

            Overlooks Behavior, Technology and Academics


Changes made in meeting-


*changed 90% to 80% in #1 Goal below-


Goal #1– By Spring of 2019, 80% (current is 73%)of students in Kindergarten will be on benchmark as shown by scores on PSF; 80% of students in grades 1-2 will be on benchmark as shown by scores on DORF Fluency; and 15% (current is 10-12%) more students in grades 3-5 will score on the advanced or proficient level on SRI by the Spring of 2019 than score on advanced or proficient levels on the Fall 2018 assessment; and 60% of 3rd, 4th, and 5thgrade students will improve their lexile scores by at least 100 points between Fall and Spring assessments. 


In the Action plan 9)- it was changed to Reading Plus instead of Reflex


 Goal #3-  Reduce the number of referrals during unstructured time by 50% from Spring of 2018 to Spring 2019.  Increase rates of specific feedback and correctives in classrooms from Spring 2018 to Spring of 2019 by 20%.


Goal is 50% while we are currently at 75%.   It was discussed how referrals are higher right now but that could be due to better bookkeeping, behavior aide, teachers filling out their form and new move-ins


Summary of Expenditures$$$$$$$- no carry over expected.  All should be spent. 



  1. Teacher of the Year/Huntsman

            Will be presented to Marcy Hadean on April 9th(after Spring Break) at 9:00.  PTA will also come help present and celebrate.

            Huntsman award is still being worked on.  Trying to gather info from peers, out of state school and parents



  1. 5. Other

            Finalizing 2ndgrade interviews.  As of SCC meeting it was down to 2 candidates.



             Future Meetings- Usually 2ndFriday of each month

                                    4/20/18      5/11/18



Next Scheduled Meeting  Friday April 20th – 11:40 to 12:30

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