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Teacher Appreciation

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Teacher Appreciation is next Week - May 4 -May 8.

Monday - Students wear their teacher's favorite color to school, the more the better!
Tuesday - Students bring in one flower. It can be from your yard, store bought, or made out of paper. Each class will have a vase to put the flowers in.
Wednesday - Students bring in a mini size or small bag of the teacher's favorite snack. No time to shop? Write a poem for your teacher instead!
Thursday - Participate in a top secret classroom project.
Friday - Students bring in a handmade Thank You card for their teacher. BE SURE TO WEAR YOUR ALTARA T-SHIRT OR SCHOOL COLORS TO SCHOOL (Blue and grey).

Envision Utah Survey

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We need your voice to help shape the future of Utah.  By the year 2050 Utah’s population will nearly double. What will that mean for our schools?  The quality of our air? Our water? Our economy? What do you want Utah to be like in 2050? You can decide by taking the Your Utah Your Future survey at Your answers will help create a vision for keeping Utah a great place to live. Our school will also receive $1 for every high school student or adult who takes the survey. Remember to enter our school name after voting for the future you want to see.