Members in Attendance:

Katie Atkinson

Chelsea Osborne

Cindy Boyer

Heather Sullivan

Marcy Hadean

Amy Carlin

Nicole Magann

Jamison Morrison

Katie Hart

Kevin Handren



Topics brought up for discussion and their resolution:


  • Reflections Follow up-Winners to be announced in Newsletter
  • Red Ribbon Week-stuffed animals were a hit, possibly share photos on social media
  • Biztown-need to make sure we get on the schedule/waiting list for next year-Ms. Magann to reach out. If we can get a date later in the year we can spread the lessons out, possibly include them in Brain Boosters.  Also offer a Summer Camp
  • Clean Air Week-Cindy/student council. January 13-17
  • Magann

-accelerated learning going well, need to let teachers know what is going on and possibly need teacher input.  reassess every 5 weeks to make sure those kids should remain there. 

-Rotation reading-could pull extended/on level and the lower stay with teacher, shows higher test scores

  • Altara TV-accelerated learning, post about Idle Free Week
  • PTA Charity-Hawk Store? Book Drive?
  • Still need a Box Top person and someone to take over the Book Fair
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