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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

February 19, 2021 – Minutes

January meeting notes APPROVED

  • Motion – Michelle Erb
  • 2nd – Joyce Park

PTA Legislative Report

  • PTA Day was held at the capital Tues. Feb 16th
  • Cindy reviewed important bills the PTA is tracking, and which they approve and oppose.
  • For a list of bills go to:
    • https://www.utahpta.org/bills
    • https://ie.utah.gov/DynaBill/BillList?session=2021GS

Principal’s News

  • 33 kids are returning to in-person learning
    • majority are in Kindergarten, 1st, and 4th
    • Bringing back online 3rd grade teacher to start in person 1st grade classroom.
    • Hiring 1/2 day Kindergarten teacher

Data & Budget Review

  • Land Trust
    • Still going towards aides
  • Data: Online students are not as high as students who have been in-person
    • Altara is doing well comparably district wide
    • Kudos to our teachers for working hard in getting our %’s up from the beginning of the year. Numbers were low at the beginning due to shutdown last March.
    • Math #’s are down district wide, possibly due to COVID and the holes it has created in the learning material. Looking at ways to improve.
    • Looking at hiring intervention aid for Kindergarten.

Parent Night

  • Moving to March

Community Concern about Homework Amounts & Recess

  • Some Altara families have reached out to the board members to discuss their concern about the amount of homework their students are receiving and the issue that some teachers are holding students from recess to finish homework/tests.
  • Nicole will be discussing in BLT to remind teachers that it is not OK to hold in students from recess due to unfinished work.
  • Also, sending out info via newsletter to encourage parents to have conversations with their teachers about homework concerns, and work out a system that is better for the student.

Snow Day: What Worked and What Didn’t

  • We need all teachers to be on the same page with Canvas work, so that in case of snow day or online learning it is easy to transition and navigate the day’s work.
  • Don’t include items that need to be printed off, as not every home has a printer.
  • Look at the possibility of having a quick class morning meeting via Google Meets or Zoom.
  • Sending cards out about Comcast providing internet connections to homes in need.
  • Nicole will be discussing with BLT.


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