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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

January 22, 2021 – Minutes

Next Meeting March 26th @ 2:00 pm via Zoom


Hollie Parry- Parent

Katie Atkinson- Parent

Katie Hart- Parent

Cindy Boyer- Parent

Kimberly Tillotson – Parent

Nicole Magann- Principal

Michelle Erb- Teacher

Cynthia Rowley- Teacher

Joyce Park- Teacher



● December Meeting Notes – APPROVED

● Principal News

○ Getting a third portable

○ Next year Kindergarten is large

○ Next years 1st grade DLI is full

○ Needing to hire another 2nd grade teacher for next year

○ District will be providing funding to purchase chromebooks for every student in

elementary schools, next year

○ District is offering WiFi to homes that are in need, will pay Comcast bill, families

need to submit an application for it.

○ Hired 2 new Kindergarten aides

○ PTC will be virtual again

● PTA News

○ Handels Spirit Night was a success

○ Will be providing dinner for teachers during PTC

○ Kindness Week is moved to March

○ Nomination Committee met this morning and will be calling on the list of names for

next years board

● Budget Review

○ Media Budget – looking for ideas on books to purchase, enough in budget to buy


○ School Equipment- 2k available

○ Land Trust

■ Majority goes to aides

■ 2nd grade needs more chromebooks


■ $3k available in software- waiting to see if needed for ST Math

● Teacher of the Year

○ Nomination window open, going till Feb or March

● Reading Inventory Scores

○ Scores from Grades 4 & 5 , seeing progress

○ Trying to find ways to incorporate Dyad reading during Covid

■ Siblings pairing up, parents pairing up with student, make it a Friday


● Parent Night

○ Michelle Erb teaching it

○ Going over the ins and outs of how to navigate canvas and answering questions

from parents

● Wellness Room Update

○ Will be ready mid February

○ Used for kids with anxiety and emotional issues, teaching them how to cope with

stress and how to calm themselves.

● Idle Free Awareness Week

○ Transitioned to having student council plan and organize the whole week

○ PTA helped with sign holding during pickup times

○ Still need to educate our parents that we are an idle free zone and they need to turn

the cars off while waiting. Reminders sent out via newsletter, social media, etc.

○ Signs need to be hung up again outside

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