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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

February 9, 2018 – Minutes

In Attendance:  Nicole Magann, Jayne Eckholdt, Alisha Harrison, Jody Hadfield, Ruthanne Sobieski, Lisa Buchmiller

Not Present:  Bill Kenley, Joani Richardson


  1. Budget Review

            Not much change.  Most goes to aides.  With school breaks and holidays we should have enough for academic year. Incentives come out of supply budget. Ipad lab has been put in Westwoods. Now technology in every grade and in 5thgrade the ratio is 1:1 in laptops


  1. PBIS Data/ Discipline

            As of 2/9/18 over 2,000 caught doing goods have been passed out and redeemed in the office. 

            This school year there have been 65(ish) referrals.  A lot of those referrals are from the same small group of kids.   There were no referrals in 1stgrade.  5 in Kindergarten and then 2ndand 5thgrade had the highest amount

            With over 2,000 caught doing goods and 65 referrals- good still outweighs the referrals by a landslide.

Actions taken:

  • It has helped that 3rdand 5thgrade recess has been split so 5thhas its own recess.
  • Playworks will also be tried to be implemented more at recess.
  • On March 12thteachers will be attending a teacher discipline training


  1. Academic Data


            Went over DIBELs

                         9 school above 80% in the district (1stgrade)

                        13 schools increased and we were one of them! Yay!


                        8 schools above 80% in the district (2ndgrade)

                        3 schools increased and we were one of them Yay!


                        8 schools above 80% in district

                        We came in at 79% (so close)


Tier 1, Behavior interventions and amazing teachers are all working! 


All day kindergarten being an early intervention also makes a difference!


  1. CSIP Preview

            Reviewed pie graphs for grades and teachers.  Red, yellow and green.  Promising to see reds and yellows diminishing.    Seeing improvement with small group intervention as yellow students are graduating up.



  1. 5. Other
  • Marquee up and running. Yay!
  • Changes in brain boosters- will now rotate between 4 instead of 3 with 4 half hour blocks instead of 3 one hour.  Talked about options of STEM, dance or music.  Leaning towards STEM or music.  The new open position will be 20 hours every other week.  
  • Student numbers looked like 5thgrade would move to 3 teachers instead of 4.

*After SCC meeting new numbers showed that 5thcan stay at 4 (for now) and a new hire would take place to replace Bryndy Bradshaw



             Future Meetings- Usually 2ndFriday of each month

                        3/9/18             4/20/18      5/11/18



Next Scheduled Meeting  Friday March 9th – 11:40 to 12:30

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