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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

January 10, 2018 – Minutes

In Attendance:  Nicole Magann, Jayne Eckholdt, Alisha Harrison, Jody Hadfield, Ruthanne Sobieski,  Joani Richardson, Lisa Buchmiller, Bill Kenley

Not Present:  Bill Kenley


  1. Digital Sign

            Impact planned to come on 1/11/18 to finish it up. Plan is for them to install software and give training.   As of 1/12/18 it was up and running!!!  It looks great and will be a great resource for our Altara community to get important school information

  1. Benchmark Testing

            Will begin on January 16thand 18th. It is formative testing  

  1. Review of Budget

            Most money still going to assistants.  They have been working with 2ndgrade groups. Improvements showing.  Also Mrs. Magann asked if some of the budget can be used to send Mrs. Skidmore to a teacher training coming up.  She will be a long term sub for the rest of the school year for Mrs. Bradshaw.  SCC board approved.  Technology funds have been spent on Ipad lab for lower grades.  Funds also used for PBIS

  1. Review of PBIS Data

            Saved for 2/9/18 agenda

  1. 5. SNAP plan

            Reviewed current SNAP plan and any improvements that can be made.  Asked for possibility of crossing guard or flashing sign on Sandy Creek Road neare end of kiddie walk.  There are painted lines on road but cars not stopping still a concern.  Construction on south side of 110th  S. near 7thE. also a concern. Mrs. Magann will check if they can make a safer walking area for kids if construction crew can build a temporary safe walkway for students so they are not having to step in road.  Request for parking lot and loading and unloading zones to be redone submitted (again).  Water pools in by daycare drop off also a concern.  Request put in for STOP HERE to be painted on road right by crossing guard in front of school.  When cross walk is being used, some cars do not leave room for cars coming out of parking lot to turn left.  Thus adding even more congestion.  Signatures of Review of School Plan gathered.

  1. Other-

            Discussed upcoming Teacher Awards and processes to get started for each.  Nomination forms for Teacher of the Year sent home with students on 1/11/18.  Talked about possible candidates for Huntsman Award and maybe Teacher Feature. 


             Future Meetings- Usually 2ndFriday of each month

            2/9/18             3/9/18             4/20/18      5/11/18



Next Scheduled Meeting  Friday February 9th – 11:40 to 12:30

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