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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

November 14, 2019 – Minutes

  1. Minutes from October 10 Approved
  2. Budget Review
    1. Most of the SCC $ is going to extended learning aides (math/behavioral)
    2. Most of the rest of the $ is going to Supplies and Technology
    3. Nicole is meeting with the district to ask for funds to replace the class tech labs
    4. Nicole also applied for extra state licenses for software and was approved. Next year those licenses will need to be covered by the school funds.
  1. Cell Tower Funds-Approved by SCC members
  2. Altara Cell Phone Policy
    1. We talked about the school policy being as follows:No use of cell phones or Gizmo/Apple watches between the hours of 8:25-3:05 This includes during class, at recess, or at lunch.The cell device should be kept in the child’s backpack.All phone communication should be by permission through the office or classroom phone.
    2. 1st offense-The cell device will be taken away for the day.2nd offense=The parent will need to come to the office to claim the cell device.
  3. Digital Safety
    1. Faculty is trained on digital safety
    2. Teachers are able to monitor content on chromebooks/IPAds
    3. Community information offered at Parent Teacher Conference at a booth set up outside the office for parents/guardians to visit.
  1. Safe School Plan
    1. We discussed options for Safe School Goal (social skills, attendance, addressing anxiety and stress of students).
    2. Social & emotional Safety
    3. In class Screen time
    4. ST Math & Imagine learning have minute requirements/kid to meet in order to keep state grant
  2. Anxiety stress increasing
  3. Discussed during circle time in class
  4. 1. Greeting2. 2.activity: warm up game3. 3. Share: relationship building cards given to teachers to use 4. 4. Message with discussion
  5. Counselor and therapist in school
  6. Behavior problems
  7. Consequence: “think time” sent to another classroom to fill out a form, then sent back to class
  8. Principal’s office

                      iii.        Parent notified

  1. 2nd Step Program
  2. Emergency Drillsa. Power Outage issue
  3. Issue with sending notification through Diress App, if power goes outc. Consider getting a backup generator or some other way to use the app if power goes

out 8. Attendance

  1. Ways to make sure kids are attending school regularly and not missing 9. Parking Lot
  2. Issues with kids safety as they come out from back of school along the east sidewalk , kids are not staying on the sidewalk and instead walking in that parking lot. No safety patrol along there or teachers
  3. Educating them betterc. Seeing people hop the middle fence if they are in the middle, instead of walking to the

crosswalk area 10. Curriculum

  1. There needs to be more time allowed in teachers curriculum to fit in 2nd step. (need to bring up to school board)

ELP (extended learning program)

  • More communication with teachers
  • Consider possible shuffling in January
  • Teacher input for who goes in next year
  • Hard to meet ST Math and Imagine Learning minute requirement when ELP and Intervention

kids are being pulled from class.o ELPparentscouldbeinformedthattheseminutesneedtobedoneathomeinstead.

  • Pay 1 ELP Aide as PT teacher (request from district to allow a .5 or 1 FTE) , and the other as an aide (fund with TSSA)
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