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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

October 10, 2019 – Minutes

  1. Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Holly Parry elected Chair, Erika Brendle elected secretary
    2. Potential Need to replace parent member (Parent members appoint parent members if there is a need after elections) Holly suggested skype as an option for work conflict
  1. Scheduled future meetings (schedule posted on SCC site)
  1. District/State Goals
  2. Final

Change from Benchmarks to Growth (state goal 60% typical/above)2018 District Goals – CSD will increase the percentage of 1st grade students who are proficient in NWF/WWR by 10%, from 78% – 88%CSD will increase the percentage of kindergarten students who are proficient in NWF/CLS by 10%, from 78% to 88%CSD will increase the percentage of 1stgrade students who move from well below benchmark by 10%, from 36% – 46%

Report/CSIP GoalsReviewed and approved to publish Will be published on website

  1. Current Land Trust/TSSA plans (Current CSIP Goals) a. Reviewed
  2. Cell Tower Funds 10% of 10% of overall fundsb. Around $2300 annuallyc. Permission to use for teacher breakfasts, dinners d. Approved via electronic Vote
  3. Digital Citizenship Plan – Tabled for later discussion a. See handout/will discuss in future meetings
  4. Cell Phone Use – Tabled for later discussion
  5. Board has asked each school to have an individual plan
  6. Other Items. Safe School Plan and Obligations – Plan to discuss November/possibly December
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