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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

October 18, 2017 – Minutes

In Attendance:  Nicole Magann, Jayne Eckholdt, Alisha Harrison, Jody Hadfield, Ruthanne Sobieski,  Joani Richardson, Lisa Buchmiller

Not Present: Bill Kenley


  1. Introduction of new members

            Welcomed Ruthanne, Lisa, Jayne and Bill!!  Thanks for joining us on the board this year. Last training date for SCC will be on Oct. 26thin the evening.

  1. Norms

Talked about confidentiality of what is discussed in these meetings and what things are appropriate to share outside of meeting

  1. Review of last year’s Land Trust Plan and progress

Older grade levels are starting higher and higher each school year which is showing that progress is being made.  We are continuing to make growth in our goals and looking at grades individuallyalong with whole school outlook. Landtrust plan is also available on Altara’s website under SCC. 

  1. Review of this year’s plan and goals

Reviewed discipline data 2016-2017.  Discussed goals with green, yellow and red students.  Green 80% of students, yellow 15% and red 5%.  Goal of trying to move yellow kids to yellow and yellow kids to red. 

Mrs. Magann will submit this years plan and goals by Friday Oct. 20th.

  1. Budget (slightly revised)

Looking good for present year.  Most money going towards aids and intervention for goals.  $1500 was put towards PBIS for students. 

  1. Fall Benchmark Testing

Talked about testing in general and how to read reports (for new board members). Discussed grade level testing and outcomes of fall benchmark for teachers, grades and school. 

  1. New Items/ Concerns

Approval was granted by board to use cell tower funds for teacher dinners, etc.

Also talked about Moby Max. 5 year plan for grades K-5

  1. Future Meetings- Usually 2ndFriday of each month

11/17/17        12/15/17        1/10/18          2/9/18             3/9/18             4/20/18      5/11/18


Next Scheduled Meeting  Friday November 17th – 11:40 to 12:30

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