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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

October 23, 2020 – Minutes

1-Opening Check In: What brings you energy and joy

2-Principal’s News

COVID: we have a few cases but are able to quarantine them. They are all from outside sources. New water bottle filler in 4th grade hallway. Kids are doing great with procedures and being safe.

Parents will have the option to change school choice. Students may move classes at the trimester depending on numbers.

DLI window is open

Halloween will have a virtual parade inside the gym/cafeteria

3-PTA President News: Katie Atkinson

Fundraiser didn’t go as well.  Earned $7,000 this year so not a lot of money to work with. The T-Shirts came to $2,500 this year. Add some spirit nights to help with making up the money. 

4-Approve September’s Meeting Minutes: minutes approved by: Nicole Magann, Joyce Park, Hollie Parry, Amanda Oaks, Michelle Erb, Michelle Veazie, and Kim Tillotson

5-2019-2020 Land Trust and TSSA Plan Review:

*Normally we would share last year’s springs scores but we don’t have those due to COVID closures. Referral numbers went down because no students were in the building in the spring

2020-2021 Goals

Reading goal by Spring…

 80% of students in Kinder will be on grade level

Grades 1-3 will meet typical or above typical growth

15% more students in grades 4-5 will score on the proficient or advanced level on RI

6-Cell Tower Funds

Permission to use the cell tower funds to feed the teachers

voted yes by: Nicole Magann, Michelle Veazie, Katie Atkinson, Joyce Park, Hollie Parry, Amanda Oaks, Kim Tillotson, Michelle Erb

7-Report on School Safety Plan

Digital Safety:

Haven’t meet this year, but keeping the same from last year. Faculty will be trained on digital citizenship. Every student is being trained on this in STEM. There are no monthly messages as of now, but there will be. We became qualified to be a “common sense” school. We will do 2 parent information sheets for digital citizenship.

Possible parent ideas: Bitmoji classroom and a flipgrid

We have screeners to protect students on the internet. Right now we are using contentkeeper.

Social/Emotional Learning. Lots of drama on students from COVID and having a lot of anxiety. We had a claiming space. We are going to start using Second Steps in the classrooms.

We will be staring SecondSteps in the next few weeks. Teacher training on Monday

Additional questions:

  1. Do we have the technology to support at home learning in case of a school wide closure.
  2. Yes
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