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September 17, 2021 – Minutes

Members In Attendance:

Nicole Svee Magann

Joyce Park

Michelle Erb, Vice-Chair Parents:

Hollie Parry, Chair Kimberly Tillotson Rochelle Grin, Secretary Ryan Romero


1. Opening Check In
● Members introduced themselves

2. Approve April Minutes
● Members from last year’s SCC to

Members Absent:

Mindi Nielsen (Parent, excused, ill)

Non-members In Attendance:

Ashley Lennox, CSD Teacher Specialist

Altara SCC Meeting Minutes September 17, 2021


Motion to approve: Michelle Erb Seconded: Kimberly Tillotson

Nicole Svee Magann — Approve Joyce Park — Approve
Michelle Erb — Approve
Hollie Parry — Approve Kimberly Tillostson — Approve

Rochelle Grin — abstained from voting (not on SCC last year) Ryan Romero — abstained from voting (not on SCC last year)

3. SCC Chair/Vice Chair Elections

  • ●  Hollie Parry nominated as chair

  • ●  Michelle Erb nominated as vice-chair

    Voting for chair and vice-chair was unanimous in the armative by all members present.

● Rochelle Grin appointed as secretary

4. Procedures

  • ●  Raising of hands encouraged going forward

  • ●  Roberts’ Rules of Order reviewed

  • ●  Only items listed on agenda should be discussed

○ Agendas will be emailed to SCC members in advance of posting publicly; this is the opportunity for SCC members to add items to the agenda

5. PrincipalNews
● Beware of phishing scams

○ Check emails for “canyonsdistrict.org”
● Arts Teacher new this year is Eric Shiring, teaching Dance

○ Arts program likely to happen in spring

  • ●  Adopted Two-Teacher Model in all grades but 4th

    • ○  Done with an eye toward building community, boosting performance, and taking care of our teachers

    • ○  How it looks:

      • ♢  Dual Language Immersion: One teacher ELA, one teacher Math in Spanish

      • ♢  K-2 One teacher ELA, one teacher Math w/ ELA support

      • ♢  3-5 One teacher ELA, one teacher Math, with Science and Social Studies divided according to teacher


  • ●  Learning loss in K-3

○ “Letters” program being used to remedy
♢ Teachers are doing multiple modules for this

  • ●  No COVID at this time

    • ○  Field trips have resumed

    • ○  Assemblies will continue to be deferred

  • ●  Parent Teacher Conferences next week

  • ●  S.E.L. (Social Emotional Learning) Curriculum

    • ○  Our program is Second Step

      • ♢  Teaches recognizing emotions and responding

        appropriately, listening, and advocating for oneself


      • ♢  Letters will be sent home with each lesson explaining

        concepts discussed

    • ○  Botvin Life Skills curriculum is state-mandated, taught in 4th


    • ○  Social Worker at the school to aid where needed

6. PTA News
● Book Fair next week

7. Review of current CSIP/TSSA/Safety Plan

  • ●  See Teacher and Student Success Plan

  • ●  ELA Goal: By the spring of 2022, 88% of students in Kindergarten

    will be on benchmark as shown by scores on NWF-CLS (nonsense word fluency – correct letter sounds); 60% of students in grades 1-3 will meet typical or above typical growth; and 15% more students in grades 4-5 will score on the advanced or proficient level on RI (Reading Inventory) by the spring of 2022 than score on advanced or proficient levels on the Fall 2021 assessment.

    • ○  $1,500 — Instructional Professional Learning Communities (substitutes for this professional development time)

    • ○  $34,400 — Three instructional aides for small group instruction

    • ○  $11,200 — Instructional aide to extend higher learners

      • ♢  We have not been able to fill this position

      • ♢  If it’s not filled soon, we will need to create a plan B for using the money

    • ○  $17,100 — Kindergarten aides for small group instruction

  • ●  Math Goal: By the spring of 2022, 80% of our K-5 students will be on benchmark as demonstrated by MCOMP (math computation) or QD (quantity discrimination).

○ $17,604 — Two intervention aides
● School Climate Goal: 75% of students (K-5) will be in the low risk

range of externalizing behaviors by Spring of 2022 as measured by the Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS-IE).

  • ○  $42,000 — Pay for other half of social worker position in order to have one full-time social worker

  • ○  $20,800 — Two behavior assistants to support students

    8. Review Budgets

  • ●  Everything is on track

  • ●  Land Trust budget funded on October 1st.

9. Approve Future SCC Meetings

  • ●  Oct. 22

  • ●  Nov.19

  • ●  Dec. 17

  • ●  Jan. 21

  • ●  Feb. 18

  • ●  Mar.18

  • ●  Apr.22

  • ●  May20

    Future SCC Meeting dates were unanimously approved by all members present.

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