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Skate Night

The Fall Fundraiser Festival was a huge success and the PTA would like to thank those that donated, ran, and volunteered to make the event possible. Come to Classic Fun Center from 5:30-8:30 tonight for FREE admission and $2-$3 skate/scooter rentals. Food and games are also available for purchase – bring the whole family!

Class Fun Center
9151 S 255 W, Sandy, UT 84070

Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2016

Minutes by: Alisha Harrison Principal: Nicole Magann

In Attendance: Nicole Magann, Lori Easter, Alisha Harrison, Julie Duncan, , Melissa Colson, Jody HadfieldNot Present: Naomi Perkins, Mary Jo Webber

1. Review Trustlands Budget

Budget still looking good. Most of the budget continues to go to aids. Supplies are also looking good for being halfway through the year. Budgeted $1460 in supplies and have spent $669.01. Talked about possibly taking some money out of landtrust teachers hourly category for aids to put into effect push-up program for students. Cell tower money expense that was approved in previous meeting was used for Parent Teacher conference dinner.2. Teacher of the Year Form

Teacher of the Year forms will be promoted. Hard copy will go home with every student along with a Skylert with link. Forms will need to be returned to office. There will be a box to put in to keep confidentiality. PTA will meet for 2 nominations. Principal Magann will also discuss with SCC, and ESP employees. Will ask Altara Head Secretary for list since Canyons District began of Altara Teacher of the Year awards to make sure all teachers Nomination window- February 1-27thMarch 7th-9th PTA selects up to two nominationsMarch 10th- 11th- Principal, SCC and ESP3. Feedback on this year’s elementary schedule / Brain Boosters

Mrs. Magann asked for feedback on this year’s early out schedule. SCC members really like the consistency of this year with every Friday being an early out day. Last year was more confusing trying to keep track of the one Friday a month. SCC board also likes that when there is no school on a Friday that Thursday is NOT an early out day.

Brain Boosters were also discussed- Good for the kids to be able to get up and have the different rotations for them to physically move to. All seem to be going well. Did discuss not a lot of art work seems to be coming home and will look into that. Talked about rotation issues of some having computer, etc. more times in a row. By end of year it all evens out and everyone has same amount.4. Review Winter CBM Data

Cathy Ford had put together a data chart we were able to look at for each grade level and teacher for various test scores. These included Dorf, Dorf A, Dorf R, MCAP, MCOMP Mrs. Magann explained how she uses that data to review areas that need improvement. Also gives her a good glance of which teachers to watch and trends. 2nd grade is currently a very strong grade especially in MCOMP.

5. Discussion about using mastery as CSIP/ Landtrust Indicators

Mrs. Magann was asked by district if Altara wanted to change what they looked at for measurement with CSIP. Would like to keep the same with no change since Altara just recently changed time frames of looking at tests. By keeping it consistent we are able to look at more accurate growth or areas of concern. If we changed it again after so recently changing, it scores would not be a good / accurate interpretation. Would like to have consistency to look at real scores.

Next Scheduled Meeting Monday March 14th – 11:40 to 12:30

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